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Hello/bonjour/aniin! My name is Sienna Warecki, and I’m a 5th year student  of Linguistics and Language Studies at Glendon Campus. Originally from Richmond Hill, ON, I’ve lived in residence for four years of my schooling–now in my fifth and final year, I’m finally experiencing life as a commuting student!


I’ve been sticking my nose in Glendon’s business in multiple ways since first year:

  • Research assistant with BHD (Bonobo Human Discourse)
  • Assistant English Editor, Expressions Section Editor, and now Layout Designer of Pro Tem, Glendon’s bilingual newspaper
  • Monitor for Explore
  • eAmbassador and Campus Ambassador for Glendon’s Recruitment Office
  • Yoga instructor for ResLife events, Frosh Week, etc.

As a self-professed multipotentialite, I have a never-ending list of passions and projects. A few of my current interests include: holistic medicine, music, circus arts (currently taking a course in aerial silks!), language studies, and storytelling in all of its forms. In my daily life I do my best to embody the five yamas of yoga: ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (abundance), brahmacharya (continence/discipline), and aparigraha (non-coveting/self-reliance). My ultimate goal is to use my art and my writing to foster compassionate culture in the wider world.

I speak English et français, and I’ve picked up and put down (and yearn to relearn) several other languages, including Japanese, Spanish, Serbian, and Ojibwe/Anishinaabemowin. (NB: if you speak any of these, I’m always looking for language partners!)

I’m a writer down to the marrow, so when I’m not blogging here I’m probably writing my novel or composing poetry and short stories (which you just might hear in person if you attend one of Glendon’s open mic nights!) I’ve also been drawing since I was about 3 years old; these days you’ll rarely see me without my sketchbook in-hand. Three summers ago I earned my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, and you’ll catch me at the GAC or in the caf’ or pretty much anywhere practicing my asanas. Last but certainly not least, I’m in a long-distance relationship with my hilarious, compassionate, and all-around excellent partner Avi, who is as good a poet as they are a person.


This Glorious Unknown updates on Fridays*. If you have questions about physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health and wellbeing, personal and academic development, long-distance relationships, or how to nail your Warrior III, I’m here to help. Thanks for stopping by–j’espère que vous trouvez quelque chose d’utile! Baamaapii giwaapamin (until later, my friend)!


*Formerly-titled Tuesdays with Sisi, and updating, titularly, on Tuesdays

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