A Quick Boost of Exam-Time Courage

I’m as swamped in final essays and exams and last hours in the office as anyone, so it’s time for the shortest blog post I’ve ever posted. CHARACTER GROWTH!

To Everyone Struggling With Exam Season,

  1. You are so so so close to being done with the semester. YOU CAN DO IT.
  2. Advice my partner gave me that has saved me a lot of stress this month: “Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good; don’t let the good get in the way of the mediocre–and don’t let the mediocre get in the way of the DONE.” Make a list of all the things you’ve got left to do, and decide whether each thing gets to be Perfect, Good, Mediocre, or just plain Done. Distribute your efforts accordingly.
  3. Take breaks for food and water and stretching, and be sure to get enough sleep! Your health and wellbeing are paramount. It takes a lot longer to get over an emotional breakdown than it does to get over a mediocre grade. (If mediocre grades tend to lead to emotional breakdowns, you might want to read this.)
  4. Remember that you (hopefully) care about the stuff you’re working on! Don’t let the sheer workload breed resentment. (And if you actually don’t care, find a way to start.)
  5. And remember to have a little perspective. At the end of the day, exams and essays and grades and even your degree are Not That Important. Nobody will care about the specifics in five years–they might not even care by this time next year. At the end of the day, you are going to die eventually and the only things that will truly survive you are the relationships you forged with other people, so as long as you are doing your best to be kind and patient and compassionate, you’re doing just fine, no matter how crappy your grades are. You can’t take your GPA with you when you go. So don’t worry too much about it.
  6. Once again, YOU’VE GOT THIS. And you’re brilliant. And I love you.

Stay tuned for one final blog post next Tuesday before I go on hiatus for the summer!


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